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HURCO North America Spotlight on Skillcraft

Why does Skillcraft choose HURCO machines? Everything happens at the machine.  The machinist can make one part and then immediately start making the next one. Every day the team at Skillcraft has to overcome the challenge of manufacturing complex items at extremely low volumes.  When making build-to-print parts, components and assemblies for Aviation and Aerospace, [...]

Pushing the Limits

The Skillcraft team is adept at discovering ways to push the limits of our machinery while maintaining high-quality standards.   Recently, the team received a request to machine a large 36″ diameter aluminum plate. On paper, this job “exceeded” the capacity of our machines. However, we didn’t let this deter us. Skillcraft believes that it’s […]

A Brief History of Aerospace Machining

The history of aerospace machining begins with the history of flight.   Humans have always been intrigued by the idea of flying. We know this fact from early cave drawings and ancient Greek myths, such as the tale of Icarus, whose wings (made of feathers and attached with wax) melted when he flew too near […]

Aerospace Industry Still Grappling with Supply Chain Woes

As the world settles into its third year of living with COVID-19 and its variants, supply chain issues still plague manufacturers all across the spectrum. The war in Ukraine and a resurgence of COVID cases in Asia are causing new waves of concern. Although the aerospace industry is eager to ramp up production, supply chain […]

8 Trends in the Aerospace Industry

What is the aerospace industry? The aerospace industry is the term used to refer to the work of numerous companies and organizations dedicated to the construction, testing, and maintenance of air and space vehicles. The global aerospace market reached nearly $298 billion in value in 2020 and is expected to grow at a rate of 7.7% to […]

Skillcraft Celebrates 75th Anniversary

This year, the family-owned company is celebrating its 75th anniversary.   Jacob Litke, Skillcraft’s president, says the company owes its longevity to its dedicated team of employees. “The knowledge that we have been able to cultivate within our company, and the hard work that all our employees put in every day, has allowed us to […]

Pratt & Whitney Tools Support Services 2020 Award

For the second year in a row, Skillcraft has received an excellence award for outstanding on-time delivery from Pratt & Whitney Tools Support Services. Pratt & Whitney, a global leader in the design, manufacture, and service of aircraft engines, gives the honor to its suppliers that meet an on-time delivery of 90 percent or better [...]

New Probes Provide Fast and Accurate Machine Tool Setting

As part of its ongoing pledge to manufacture the highest quality machines and equipment, Skillcraft recently invested in two new probe packages for its vertical milling machines. The Renishaw RMP600 machine tool probe is a highly accurate touch probe used for workpiece inspection and job set-up. This state-of-the-art probe reduces set-up errors, improves set-up times [...]

Skillcraft Celebrates First Graduate of Apprenticeship Program

Glendale Burney, who has been a member of the Skillcraft Machine Tool Company team for nearly 10 years, is the first graduate of the company’s apprenticeship program. As a leading manufacturer for the aerospace industry, Skillcraft created the apprenticeship program to train the next generation of skilled toolmakers. At a time when skills in machining […]

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