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Manual Turning

Manual Turning, unlike CNC turning, is a very hands-on process. A skilled technician will make modifications to a solid piece of metal to meet the specific needs of the component. Manual turning can also be part of a larger process that could include CNC turning or CNC milling to help reach the final form of the component. Our skilled team members operative complex turning and lathe equipment to ensure the best possible result.

When it comes to producing complex custom components, timing is often of the essence. CNC turning machines are quick and accurate, but setting up the computer programming takes time. With manual turning, you have the advantage of a faster set-up time. This savings can be a critical factor when you have a tight turn-around time.

Both Computer Numerical Control (CNC) turning and manual turning are machine-cutting processes for precision parts. The difference is that CNC lathes are driven by computer programming, whereas manual turning is controlled by hand.

To create your custom component, a skilled technician will make precise modifications to a solid piece of metal. This machining process – sometimes called “subtraction machining”—uses rotating parts to remove unwanted material to shape the desired part.

In some cases, manual turning can be a step in a more extensive process that also includes CNC turning or CNC milling. Our Skillcraft team members are trained in operating complex turning and lathe equipment to ensure the best possible result. Contact us today to get started on your next project.

Manual Turning
  • (1) Pratt & Whitney Engine Lathe w/ Digital Read Out
  • (1) Yamazaki w/ Digital Read Out
  • (1) Harrison M300 w/ Digital Read Out
  • (1) Hardinge HLV-EM w/ Digital Read Out
  • (1) LeBlond w/ Digital Read Out

Maximum Work Envelope
30” diameter x 60” length

Skillcraft Machine Tool Company’s team of dedicated expert machinists ensure that your next component and part order is perfect, fitting your expectations and tolerances perfectly. Contact us to get started on your next project.

Leblonde Lathe
Harrison M300

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