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CNC Turning

At Skillcraft, our customers rely on our expertise and equipment to produce high-quality components and parts that meet their exacting requirements. That’s why we utilize CNC Turning as a manufacturing process.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) turning is a machining process that enables us to turn solid pieces of metal into precision components for larger assemblies and equipment. The CNC machinery holds the piece of metal in a chuck and rotates it for cutting and shaping.

A turret of tools and different cutting and shaping bits remove material until the metal piece is the specified shape. The turrets and bit selection are controlled by a program created by Skillcraft to fit the exacting needs of the component.

This manufacturing process is sometimes called “subtraction machining” because it involves the removal of material. However, there is a key difference between our CNC machines and other subtractive machines. In many subtractive machines — including water jets, plasma cutters, and water jets – the workpiece is secured to a bad while a spinning tool moves across the workpiece to do the cutting. However, our CNC turning process does the reverse. Our computer-controlled machine rotates the workpiece and cuts away at it through the movement of a static cutting piece.

We can help you determine if CNC Turning is the right choice for your precision part. Give Skillcraft a call today, and let us know how we can help you.

CNC Turning
  • (1) HURCO TMX8i
  • (1) HURCO TM12i
  • (1) ProtoTrak 1630
  • (1) ProtoTrak 1845
  • (1) ProtoTrak 2460
  • (1) Fryer ET-25

Maximum Work Envelope
25” diameter x 60” length

Our customers reply on our expertise and equipment to produce high quality components and parts that meet their exacting requirements. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

ProtoTRAK 1630
Fryer Easy Turn

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