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As a leading manufacturer for the aerospace industry, Skillcraft Machine Top Company’s top priorities are quality and precision. The intricate custom parts that we create require maintaining a rigorous inspection process.

To meet the needs of our customers and our high standards, we provide our inspection team with the very latest in hand tools, digital inspection equipment, and surface plates. For example, our Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine provides high-speed, high-performance dimension and position measurement.

We also can provide inspection reports and sampling results on all jobs upon request.

You will be able to ensure the quality of your next part or component order by working with our expert inspection team. Contact us today for an estimate.

  • (1) Brown & Sharpe Global Image CMM
  • (1) Brown & Sharpe Micro-hite 600
  • (1) 5′ x 10′ Lab Grade Inspection Plate
  • (1) 3′ x 5′ Lab Grade Inspection Plate

Ensure the quality of your next part or component order by working with the expert team at Skillcraft Machine Tool Company. Contact us today to request a quote.

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