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Wire E.D.M.

Skillcraft offers Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) as one of its high-quality precision tool services.

Wire EDM — also known as spark eroding, spark machining, wire erosion, and wire burning — utilizes electrical discharges and metal wire to shape and cut metal.

Metal is removed from the component with a series of rapid current discharges between electrodes. There is no direct contact between the workpiece and the wire during this cutting process.

Here’s how it works. The wire is surrounded by deionized water. When the voltage reaches the right level, a spark jumps the gap to melt a small part of the workpiece. As the water cools, it washes away any particles from the gap.

Wire EDM is ideal for shaping fragile, hard, or brittle materials. This process also is more precise and accurate than plasma cutting, laser, or flame cut procedures. Our skilled technicians are ready to work with you to create the high-precision custom components you need. Give us a call today.

Wire E.D.M.
  • (1) SoDick VZ300L

Maximum Work Envelope
30.7” x 22.4” x 8.4”

For high precision custom components, our team of skilled technicians are ready to work with you. Contact Skillcraft Machine Tool Company today to take the next step.

SoDick VZ300L

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