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HURCO North America Spotlight on Skillcraft

Why does Skillcraft choose HURCO machines?

Everything happens at the machine.  The machinist can make one part and then immediately start making the next one.

Every day the team at Skillcraft has to overcome the challenge of manufacturing complex items at extremely low volumes.  When making build-to-print parts, components and assemblies for Aviation and Aerospace, items must be produced on-time to exact customer specifications.  There is no room for error or delay.  “It’s about throughput.  If the program for a new product has issues on the manufacturing floor, we can’t lose time for it to go back to the front office.  I need everything to happen at the machine” says Jacob Litke, president of Skillcraft.

The power and flexibility of HURCO machines allow Skillcraft to quickly adapt to a wide variety of materials.  According to manufacturing manager Matt Judd, “One assembly might have seven different types of material and we’re making every single one of those pieces.  We run it all from plastic to Inconel.”

Hurco’s conversational programming enables our machinists to quickly adapt to each new challenge.  Machinist Chad Rodrigue says it perfectly, “With Hurco, I really like it because you can do just about anything you need to do right at the machine”.

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