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Skillcraft Celebrates First Graduate of Apprenticeship Program

Glendale Burney, who has been a member of the Skillcraft Machine Tool Company team for nearly 10 years, is the first graduate of the company’s apprenticeship program.

As a leading manufacturer for the aerospace industry, Skillcraft created the apprenticeship program to train the next generation of skilled toolmakers. At a time when skills in machining and toolmaking are becoming scarce, Skillcraft is ready to meet the challenge.

In January 2017, Skillcraft became a state apprenticeship sponsor and enrolled its first two apprentices. The program consists of 7,400 hours of on-the-job training in the fundamentals of machine operations and manufacturing. An additional 600 hours of classroom instruction also are included.

Glendale started work as a Skillcraft delivery driver and worked his way up into the shipping and received department. His interest and promising skill in manual machining and basic operations made him a perfect fit for the new apprenticeship program.

Founded in 1946, the Skillcraft Machine Tool Company first serviced local companies as the largest producer of radiators for heating commercial buildings. Skillcraft went on to produce tooling and fixtures to support the manufacturing of jet engines.

Today, Skillcraft manufactures high-quality aerospace support equipment, prototype components, and complex assemblies. Skillcraft is committed to meeting or exceeding customer expectations while fostering an environment of growth and success for all employees. Skillcraft’s apprenticeship program is just one of the ways the company delivers on that promise.

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